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Meeting Minutes 2019

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Jan 2019 Meeting Minutes


 Karen Sargent presented: 3 Strategies to Take the Amateur Out of Your Manuscript. It was an excellent talk delving into the use of Deep Point of View and Action Beats in your writing, and also the elimination of Crutch Words in your work. Especially helpful was learning how to employ “show, don’t tell” into our writing through concrete examples and ideas.


Also discussed at this meeting was the need to elect officers for the new year. Not many members were in attendance, so the elections will be held next month. A new member, Carlee Criddle, was asked to think about being President, but nothing was decided.



Feb 2019 Meeting Minutes


Unofficial selection of Officers: Carlee Criddle President, Gaelle Freer VP, Marcie Upchurch Secretary, Mary Ann Featherston Treasurer, Robert Felker Youth Outreach Coordinator. (The attendance this meeting was low again, so the official decision will be announced next month.) The Treasurer’s report for the month was received. We need to contact Donna about a report on the web-page status.


There was a discussion of further youth projects upcoming.


Our Presenters fell through last minute this month, so this meeting became a planning meeting for the future, discussing possible ideas for meetings and filling Carlee in on what is usual for the group, since she has not attended many meetings prior to this and will now be coordinating the meeting agendas.


This meeting was also an opportunity to read our writing for each other. Carlee shared how she started writing as well.


Aug 2019 Meeting Minutes


14 people in attendance. Treasurer’s report given: $1,124.88 checking balance. Carlee and her brother, Conrad (who is helping with the website) gave a report on the Guild website’s updating progress. They are trying to make it much less redundant and also more visible on google. Carlee is seeking to have the MO Writer’s Guild information on our guild updated as well.


The members helping with organizing the Anthology gave us more information. The continuance of the All Write Now Conference was discussed or also how to end it and how to handle the money involved.


Mary Ann Heinsman presented her talk titled: Self Publishing Like A Pro. She shared about her business, Creative Literary Services, as well and gave tips on self-publishing, ISBN numbers, and copyrights. This was followed by Q&A time.


11:30 end of meeting.


Sept 2019 Meeting Minutes


6 people in attendance. The treasurer’s report was given. The update on the All Write Now! conference was next, and it is that the registration is being renewed for one year.


Arkansas Author, John T. Wayne, presented his talk titled Writing with True Grit. Q&A followed.


Carlee Announced there will be no normal meeting in October. Instead the Guild will be joining with the Heartland Writers’ Guild on Oct 5th for their annual field trip. Having a less formal meeting, a brunch and visit type gathering in November, was discussed as well to celebrate Thanksgiving. The idea of more community-building gatherings being held in the future was discussed and liked. Different times were suggested.


11:30 end of meeting.


Oct 2019 Meeting Minutes


Field Trip with the Heartland Writers Guild.


Everyone met up Saturday, Oct 5th at St. Genevieve. There we toured several historic buildings, and asked questions along the way. We had a very informative guide and were able to learn a lot about the time period and the practices of the day. It was a great look into the past, and a great afternoon.


We went out to eat afterward and visited more about the tour and our writing and other matters.



Nov 2019 Meeting Minutes


11 members in attendance. Everyone brought something for a potluck style brunch. We enjoyed fellowship and got to share more about our writing and our lives as writers.


There will be no meeting in December because of the busyness surrounding Christmas.


11:30 end of meeting.



No December Meeting

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